Our Story

Jennifer Deless owner of Simply SalsaI began making salsa over 20 years ago for friends & family and it was very popular.

When I met my husband, he tried my salsa and said I should be selling it. As time went on and children came into our lives, I began gifting the salsa to school staff, friends, family and neighbors. Everybody loved it.

When our village held a Chili and Salsa competition in January of 2011, I decided to participate. The positive feedback I received from judges and the public gave me the confidence I needed to begin selling it at local farmer’s markets in May of 2011.

Salsa making has grown into our family business. My husband, Charles, and our daughter, Dempsey, help at the markets and in our commercial kitchen.  Our sons, Damian and Dylan, are our official taste testers. We  have had so much fun at the markets and have enjoyed all of the wonderful people we have met along the way on our salsa journey.

We have so many loyal customers that tell us how much they love our salsa that we feel like SALSA ROCK STARS!Jennifer and charles deless owners of simply salsa

We started with just one flavor and some people thought it was too spicy so we created a “mild” version where we remove all the seeds from the peppers~ all the taste without the heat.

Our original recipe is still our most popular, it is now called “medium”.

We have also developed a “hot” made with Habanero peppers for those who want it spicier and can handle it.

We hope you have a chance to sample our salsa and that you enjoy it.

Thank you for your business,
Charles and Jennifer Deless

simplysalsaOur Story